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"Lor menari... it means you have pretty eyes."

Sam Evans is a twenty-year-old prostitute who is currently bouncing between motel rooms, the streets, and clients' houses. He was kicked out of his home at sixteen by his conservative parents for being gay, and to this day has no contact with them (though not from lack of trying). He started out working at strip clubs until he was approached by a man owning an underage prostitution ring. Enticed by the money, Sam went along with him and started his life of hooking. He left the ring after turning eighteen and from then on he took to the streets. He's good at what he does, and he often thinks it's the only thing he's good at.

Sam suffered an accident a few months after turning eighteen. He was going home with a client during a storm, and his client lost control of the car and hit a power line. The man's door was stuck, but Sam managed to get out of the car to try and open it from the outside. He didn't, however, see the live wire in the darkness, downed from the crash. Sam was electrocuted badly, and his client, a reputable businessman, was too spooked by what this could mean for his career to stay. He called an ambulance for Sam and then left him, though leaving behind a sizable amount of money in his pockets. The hospital did all they could, but Sam came out of the accident with a permanently damaged heart, and the doctors have given him a few years to live without a heart transplant. Transplants are expensive, and Sam can't even picture hitting thirty with the kind of life he leads, so he takes it day by day as people filter in and out of his life.

Sam used to be the sweet golden boy during high school, but life has left him jaded - now he's somewhat tactless, has a temper, has no concept of personal space, and lacks a filter. His drug of choice is cocaine, but he claims he's not an addict (just like he claims he's given up smoking). He suffers from chronic migraines, and he'll blow you for good painkillers. He was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, which made school hard for him, and he sometimes has trouble tying shoelaces or knotting ties. Death scares him, and his family's rejection has left a deeply negative impression on his self-worth, but he generally won't talk about these subjects candidly unless you get close enough to him. He loves people and craves affection and approval, and he'll easily consider you a friend even if he's being rude to you. In his spare time he likes to read comics, draw, sing, and play guitar.

verses; masterlist (@ lj)

ooc Sam's AU backstory begins during the summer after his first year at McKinley, after he and his family move to Kentucky.

This is an rp journal. Mun and muse are 18+.


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